What are the different levels or qualities of happiness and which ones do we need in our life? Is some sensual enjoyment necessary? What is the highest kind of happiness? Is it necessary to follow some rules to achieve it? Is there some connection between bodily, mental and spiritual happiness and which of them is more important? What are sreya and preya – real happiness and false happiness? How to overcome the fear of death? Which Vedic verses are giving us solutions for unhappiness? If Vedas speak about sweetness everywhere around us, why we cannot perceive it? Class from Mexico City, 10.4.2023

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From Bhakti Nandan Swami Maharaj: I just made an inadvertent mistake in my expression (timing 1:31:58) — saying ‘preya’ instead of ‘sreya’. The correct expression there should be ‘SREYA’ and not ‘preya’. In other words, ‘preya’ should be corrected as ‘SREYA’. Sorry for that (unintentional) mistake.

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