Janmasthami day in August 2017 at the temple Gopalji Mandir France
Srila Bhakti Nandan Swami Maharaj
Are there some things sweeter than Krsna? The answer is a big NO! I will shed a little light on this concept of sweetness that encompasses all aspects of Krsna. In all of Krsna’s pastimes, this concept of sweetness is not just the sweetness one knows, that one is used to taste or taste because it would be really much too limited. There is more than that! There is much more than our limited concept of sweet taste in this material plane. On this material level, when we taste some really sweet things, of course we feel great joy but we are not completely overwhelmed by this joy, this sweetness (on the contrary we taste this sweetness).
In the pastimes of Krsna and in His aspects, the devotee is completely overwhelmed by this sweetness, it is not that he will taste the sweetness of Krsna-lila but simply his heart is completely submerged. It is difficult to understand whether it is the heart of the devotee who tastes or who receives this nectar or else that supra-subjective reality that descends or submerges the heart of the devotee. Sometimes when the flow of nectar flows in the heart of the devotee, the heart of the devotee can not hold all this nectar because it becomes completely submerged.
At once the devotee tastes this nectar and at the same time this nectar flows over him unceasingly and he can not keep it in his heart and his heart overflows. It is a very dynamic relationship between the taster and the tasted and sometimes this supra-subjective nectarean taste descends and takes full possession of the heart of the devotee, we can see that this a very dynamic synergy between the two.
The nectar of Krsna’s pastimes is not sweet in one way or in one way, there is an infinity of different sweets a little as one can see in this world, the sweets especially in Vrndavana, made with the milk (sandesh, laddous), a lot of subtlety, it’s not just just sugar but it’s mixed with other things that gives a whole variety of sweetness. And of course it’s way beyond our ability to taste sweet things in this material world.
One could say, ” This Krsna pastimes seems to me to be like khir (sweet rice pudding) or a sandesh ”, it’s just like a whiff of the real nectarean taste of Krsna’s pastimes. Why ? Because the nectar of Krsna is not only tasted with the tongue but tasted with the ears when we sing the names of Krsna, of course the tongue tastes but also the ears taste this nectar, transfers it to the heart, then the heart tastes this nectar. Then the heart can also taste the sweetness of Krsna through the medium of the eyes that sees the wonderful form of Lord Krsna. Not only the nectar through the tongue, the ears or the eyes but also through the sense of smell, then through the touch and ultimately through the thoughts because a lot of nectar flows from our heart when we remember Krsna’s pastimes.
What about the taste that a devotee can experience? Krsna Himself wants to experience Himself, to taste Himself and finds no limit to this nectarean taste of His own person. It is very difficult to know what is superior. Is Krsna superior to His own sweetness? Or is His own sweetness greater than Himself? All this is Acintya-Bedha-Abheda, Krsna is defeated by Himself.
We can see in the life of the Lord Caitanya who is Krsna Himself came to taste Himself at the moment when the waves of nectar arrived on Him, waves of nectar of the sweetness of Krsna, then He could no longer control himself and experienced the 8 symptoms of ecstasy and cried, His hairs stood on all His body, He fell unconscious … Divinely transcendental or transcendentally divine ….We all know that our Bhakti Candan Yati Maharaj is filled with this divine nectar, we will taste it with his lips.
Srila Bhakti Candan Yati Maharaj
It is very difficult to speak after a rasika-vaisnava, why? Because you need a qualification, and I have none. But Srimati Radharani is very merciful, especially to a madman like me, and She sends Her dearest devotees and allows us to taste a shadow of devotion, and even that shadow is something inconceivable and as Srila Swami Maharaj spoke, of how a devotee could taste the sweetness of Krsna. I remember a devotee who told me about his experience because at a certain level of devotion, when a person has reached the ruci level and rises to asakti, Krsna through His name begins to reveal His form and there the devotee naturally ascends to a higher plane, a plane where the senses of the soul emerge. And here, realization is a supreme attraction and Krsna can give the devotee directly the sensation of feeling the fragrance of His body.
Now on the body of the Lord, different parts are like lotus, and each part of His body has a particular perfume and particular qualities, and the devotee is completely transported to taste the qualities that lead him to taste other qualities infinite, and by the mercy of this Supreme Lord, the devotee becomes like a bee, so he goes on to another lotus flower and can taste other qualities of the Lord, over and over and over …. The Lord is like a wonderful flower, I could talk about different things. I will not dwell on this subject, I will talk about other topics.
Maharaj just now said that Krsna Himself can not taste His infinite qualities, we could say that He is always preoccupied with Himself, like a yogi who would like to taste the satisfaction of the soul, but what is truly astonishing is that Krsna in Himself is experiencing the desire to know some more things of superiors. These are the qualities and sweetness of Srimati Radharani.
Every day, arrangements are made for Srimati Radharani to escape the vigilance of Jatila and Kutila, the sakhis cook, prepare different arrangements of flowers, and every day Srimati Radharani goes to Surya-Kunda where there is a temple of Surya and Kirtida His mother-in-law is very happy, Why?
Because by worshiping Suryadeva, the God of the Sun, she knows that her son Abhimanyu is going to have a long life, wealth. Jatila is very happy that Radharani and his associates go to Surya-Kunda, there is a real escort, Radharani is escorted by many sakhis who The Fool, who sings His glories, is an excuse to meet Krsna. The acaryas explain that this meeting with Krsna is like an unlimited increase in the desire to meet each other and whether Krsna or Radharani, They experience truly very high feelings in their hearts.
Krsna das Kaviraj Goswami explains that once Radharani arrives at the temple of Surya, of course She loves the deva of the Sun to be able to ask her the favor of being able to meet Krsna and not having obstacles but all the preparations are not for Suryadeva, finally all these preparations are the qualities and the heart of Srimati Radharani. Sometimes, Radharani’s emotions are so high that Her heart paints Vrndavana, all the paths, all the trees, all take His color that becomes gold, and sometimes Srimati Radharani cries, sometimes She faints and sometimes She runs.
But when She arrives at Radha-Kunda. Different descriptions are made of Radha-Kunda as a thousand-petalled lotus flower. This meeting is so powerful that when Radha and Krsna meet, They can not even recognize each other, so the attraction is strong and Krsna wonders ” Who is this Person? ” And Radharani wonders ” Who is this Person ? ”
To the point that Srimati Radharani is afraid to meet Krsna. Krsna is so captivated by the qualities of Srimati Radharani, by Her beauty, by Her sweetness that Krsna became a beggar, Krsna cries for this sweetness and beauty.
Although Maharaj has said that Krsna has unlimited qualities, who can not taste Himself but Srimati Radharani has such beauty, such splendor and qualities that Krsna gives up trying to taste Srimati Radharani. The truth is that Radha and Krsna are only One.
This is why in the transcendental world there is no concupiscence. In our world we have a lack because we are separated from the Supreme Lord, absolute beauty and absolute love? We seek through a person, the exploitation or the liberation of suffering, when Radha and Krsna are together Krsna only tastes His beauty and sweetness.
Krsna Das Kaviraj Goswami explains when Krsna meets Srimati Radharani, His meekness and beauty increases, and since only Srimati Radharani is qualified to taste the sweetness and beauty of Krsna, only She can taste completely, no one other. When it tastes, its sweetness and beauty increases, Krsna das Kaviraj explains that Srimati Radhika is like the mirror of the sweetness and beauty of Krsna, but when Krsna sees His beauty and sweetness increase through Srimati Radharani then His own Beauty and His sweetness increase, this relationship between Radha and Krsna is unlimited.
Sometimes Krsna arrives and does not necessarily see that Radharani was there when He sees His Kunjas, so He sees all the qualities of Srimati Radharani manifest. Sometimes the qualities of Radharani come to manifest so much in Him that He takes His complexion, His mood and wants to taste Himself, even in Vraja. It is a world that is not very understandable to us, such sweetness, such feelings, it can only be experienced through the grace of Srimati Radharani and that grace descends through the Vaisnavas, we must never think that we will ever be able to taste this sweetness and love, for what is it for Radharani to open the doors a little to His servant. As soon as this perfume of Her mercy connects with us, it can even make us understand and experience things that are limitless, because Her mercy is unlimited and His love for us is unlimited, if we want to please Krsna, just to speak of Srimati Radharani. Today is Krsna’s birthday. Who captivates Krsna besides Srimati Radharani ?
Sometimes when Srimati Radharani comes to meet Krsna, she does not want to see him anymore and goes into a sulky state nobody can open Her heart. Krsna is devastated and weeping, His devastation knows no bounds that He thinks He will leave His body. Srimati Radharani has such power over Him that Krsna’s friends are forced to beg the mercy of Srimati Radharani.
We present all the time Krsna like the One who fascines everyone, like the One who puts everyone to His feet, but the real devotees, those who can have a vision of Vraja, see all the opposite and it is not amazing because this material world is a reflection of transcendantal reality. Although men in this material world play the beefy, when a woman cries then where is the strength of the man ? But in the transcendantal world, it is Krsna crying.
Jay Sri Krsna Janmasthami ki Jay
Srila Bhakti Nandan Swami Maharaj
I could taste the nectar of his katha from Radha and Krsna. Krsna, more specifically Srimati Radharani inspied me speak of another aspect of Her glories.
When Srimati Radharani is with Krsna, She also develops Her beauty and all Her qualities to the very limits of the infinite. Just as the qualities and Beauty of Krsna increases when He sees Srimati Radhika, in the same way, when Srimati Radharani sees and is with Krsna, then Her beauty, Her qualities, Her sweetness, Her ecstatic love grows to the very limits of the infinite. Krsna is Rasaraja, and Srimati Radharani is Mahabhava-Swarupa. Krsna is the Personnification of Rasa, the blissful love divine.
Srimati Radharani is known as the One who tastes, the One who is entertained in these divine rasas to the last limits. It’s very difficult to say who tastes who, who more than who. One is the Personification of all the rasas, these spiritual ecstatic loves and the other is the One who will taste, who will experience, who will be entertained in all these spiritual emotions, this spiritual love, which is called Mahabhava-Swarupa.
I repeat, I must repeat! The One, Krsna is Rasaraja, the One who is the Supreme Personification of the ecstatic divine love and Srimati Radhika is the Personification of the One who will taste and experience what Krsna personalizes, She is the One who enjoys Krsna one could say and Krsna is the One enjoyed by Srimati Radhika.
Krsna is originally very proud in the sense that He says, ” I am the Supreme Original Being, I am the One who enjoys all that exists! ” But this pride is completely dissolved when He is in the presence of Srimati Radharani who is Mahabhava-Swarupini. She surpasses Him in the sense that She is a Supreme worshiper because She is able to take pleasure from Krsna. The more that Krsna is enjoyed by Srimati Radharani, the more His qualities, the beauty of Krsna spread to the last limits of the infinite.
Krsna Said Himself: ” Why I am known as the Supreme Attractor, because when Srimati Radharani enjoys Me then I can enjoy the fact that I am enjoying Myself by Srimati Radharani. ” And we all know that They all combined in Lord Gauranga. Shaktiman and Shakti can not be one without the other. One complements the other to infinity, one promotes the other to infinity.
When the Lord wants to experience love for Himself, He is not totally satisfied but when He can taste the love for Himself that Srimati Radharani experiences, in other words the love of Srimati Radharani for Krsna then He can go to the last limits of His qualities and sweetness, He needed to become Lord Gauranga. It was Srimati Radhika’s love for Him that He could taste, it was much more superior to the tastes He found in the love He had for Himself.
On the other hand, Srimati Radha-Thakurani, the Divine Goddess Svayam-Rupa Srimati Radha-Thakurani finds the best taste of ecstatic love in herself while she is embraced by the ecstatic love of Krsna, embraced in her Even while she is submerged in this state, flooded with feelings for Krsna. She also feels the best taste of herself. Similarly, Srimati Radharani felt that She is herself an unlimited ocean of ecstatic love for Krsna.
But She also finds the best of nectar taste in this love of Krsna in Her while Krsna loves her so much through this mutual love, it develops because Krsna finds the best of Himself through Srimati Radharani, She also finds the best of Herself, She also finds the best taste of the love of Herself by being loved by Krsna and vice-verca. Krsna is known as the One who charms, bewitches, attracts all living entities, Radharani is able to charm, captivate, attract this Person, Krsna who attracts everyone. But, Srimati Radharani says, “I am so attracted and seduced by My Lord Krsna! Who charms who the most? I also feel so helpless, captured by a control and charmed without recourse, attracted by My own Lord Krsna. “
In this way, these exchanges of love between Radha and Krsna will increase their taste and their love to the last limits of the infinite through their mutual love. The quarrel between the two parrots (Suka and Sari) of Radha and Krsna never stops. Sometimes, there are affectionate quarrels between Krsna’s little friends and Srimati Radharani’s girlfriends, and these quarrels never stop.
Krsna, consciously will put Srimati Radharani on a pedestal saying, “Oh! She is my Goddess, She is everything to me! “Krsna speaks of His achievements to His Priya-Narma Sakha saying,” My defeat, all the defeats I have with Srimati Radharani, for Me it is My most great victory ”, ” It gives Me so much joy when I am captivated, captured, tamed by the love of Srimati Radhika and this apparent defeat is for Me, My greatest victory! ”
Raya Ramananda had this divine vision of the real Self, the Original Self of Lord Gauranga, as Rasaraja and Mahabhava combined, then Ramananda Prabhu realized the results.
Translated by Rasalila Devi Dasi Mataji for Janmasthami 2019